Duranti Luciana. Trusting Digital Archives

The article presents the text of speech delivered by Professor Luciana Duranti, the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia, at the International scientific and practical conference “From parchment to digit” (Kazan, April 18-20, 2018). The title of Ms Duranti’s speech is “Digital archive: completeness, credibility, safety” which involves continuity when translated into the theoretical archival concept of trustworthiness, as well as change, when related to how to ensure that the reliability, accuracy, and authenticity of digital material – its trustworthiness, that is – be maintained in the long term, even permanently. In archival theory, records’ reliability – that is, their trustworthiness as statements of facts – is based on the competence of their author and the controls on their creation; records’ accuracy – that is, the correctness and precision of their content – is based on the competence of their author and the controls on content recording and transmission; and records’ authenticity – that is, the trustworthiness of records which are what they purport to be, untampered with and uncorrupted – is based on their identity and integrity. If the tested and tried way of accessing the historical truth, even in the digital environment, is to rely on the documentary truth, understanding whose truth we are dealing with requires archivists to use traditional archival principles, concepts and methods; collaborate with technology experts while cultivating their disciplinary and professional knowledge; and produce functional requirements, tools, and guidelines to ensure reliable and accurate records creation and a fully contextualised authentication.
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Гасырлар авазы - Эхо веков 2 2018
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